Software for managing your pigeon racing season


Free software for pigeon racers.

  • Stores member and racepoint information.
  • Stores the individual bird clock times for each race during the season.
  • Calculates race results.
  • Calculates pools results.
Created by Paul Richards and released as free software under the ISC license.


2013 April 28: RacePoint v0.12 (g99ec292)
  • Increased font sizes for Club printouts.
2013 January 27: RacePoint v0.11 (g7b3e1c5)
  • Display ring velocities while they are being entered.
2011 September 11: RacePoint v0.10 (2e77b52)
  • Adjusted column widths on race results.
  • Easier entry of times by allowing '-' instead of ':' for time separators.
  • New clocks are given initial set/open times taken from previously entered clocks.
2009 April 18: RacePoint v0.9 (r515)
  • Members list can now be exported as a comma separated values (CSV) file.
  • Birds are now listed by their clock time (previously they were sorted by ring number).
  • Internal improvements for application robustness.
2008 August 3: RacePoint v0.8 (r405)
  • Important bugfixes for race summary panel.
2007 October 9: RacePoint v0.7 (r261)
  • GUI behaviour and appearance is now more consistent across different screens.
  • Formatting of result and pool sheets has been improved.
  • Result and pool sheets now carry a standard footer.
  • Result sheets now only list the pools in which birds won prizes.
  • Total number of birds entered by each member is now tracked.
2007 September 15: RacePoint v0.6 (r245)
  • Race reports now display prize winnings for the top entries.
  • Improved GUI components for entering dates and times.
  • Other minor GUI changes.
2007 July 21: RacePoint v0.5 (r229)
  • Removed Nomination from the Open.
  • Fixed minor GUI bugs.
2007 July 7: RacePoint v0.4 (r219)
  • Changed to GPL license.
  • Added recording of bird sex.
  • Now saves the number of entrants for race and pools.
  • Now possible to edit member and racepoint information after a race has been entered.
  • Reports print with a smaller font to fit on an A4 page.
  • Race reports now correctly show the pools entered and the prize won.
2007 June 21: RacePoint v0.3 (r199)
  • Added bird colours.
  • Fixed Windows 2000 specific bug in reports.
2007 June 14: RacePoint v0.2 (r188)
  • Various UI enhancements.
  • Added ability to start a new season and copy over existing club setup.
  • Still looking for feedback.
2007 April 5: RacePoint v0.1 (r161)
  • First release to the public.
  • Looking for feedback.
  • Valid XHTML and CSS.
Freshmeat entry: http://freshmeat.net/projects/racepoint/
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